There are four things to consider when picking your floorball stick: length, flex, blade, and hook side (left or right).

Length: It’s important to get the correct length for your stick. A long stick will reach further, but will make it more difficult to control the ball. A short stick will give you better control over the ball, but a to short stick can hurt your back.

Measuring the Correct Length:

  • Without a floorball stick: Measure the height from the floor to a fist height above the belly button. Subtract 5.9 inches (15 cm) from that value (this accounts for the blade not being included in the stick length).
  • With a floorball stick: The stick should reach up to one fist height above the belly button.
Length in centimeters Length in feet and inches
Person Stick Person Stick
100-120 55-60 3′ 3″-3′ 11″ 1′ 1″-1′ 12″
120-140 70 3′ 11″-4′ 7″ 2′ 4″
140-150 80 4′ 7″-4.11 2′ 7″
150-160 85-87 4′ 11″-5′ 3″ 2′ 9″-2′ 10″
160-175 90-92 5′ 3″-5′ 9″ 2′ 11″-3′ 0″
175-190 95-97 5′ 9″-6′ 3″ 3′ 1″-3′ 2″
Above 190 100-104 above 6′ 3″ 3′ 3″-3′ 5″

Flex: The flex is the measurement of the stiffness of the club shaft. The flex ranges from 23 to 36.  Stiff shafts have a low flex number and shafts that bend easier a have high flex number. High flex sticks will give you more control when handling the ball and are easier to use when, for example, receiving a pass. Low flex sticks will give you a harder shot, but require more experience and skill.

Blades: The blades are concave and come in different stiffness ranges. The same rule for shaft flex applies to blades. A hard blade gives a hard shoot and a soft one gives a better feeling for the ball. Most blades come pre-curved and hooked, for better ball control.

Left or Right: The hook determines which side of the blade that is pre-curved. If you hold the stick on the left side of your body, with the left hand furthest down on the shaft, your hook should be left. If you hold the stick on the right side, with the right hand furthest down on the shaft, your hook should be right.