Floorball 4 All, Inc. is the newest floorball supplier in the United States, representing the world’s largest manufacturer of floorball equipment. Our mission is to support the growth and development of floorball in the United States by making the sport a popular recreation for young people and adults across the nation. We provide organizations and individuals with floorball know-how and the highest quality products and services. We support and cooperate with The United States Floorball Association and the International Floorball Association.

Floorball 4 All, Inc. provides high quality floorball equipment from Unihoc, Zone, and Reactor.  Unihoc is the leading floorball brand in the world, sold in more than 50 countries. Zone offers the best choices for costumers looking for design, attitude and quality. Reactor Floorball focuses on beginners and new markets. These three brands are the perfect mix to support the development of Floorball 4 All in the United States.

We offer a limited but carefully selected mix of products, well suited for both beginners and more advanced players. The range of products will increase in line with an increased demand.  However, request for products offered in the Unihoc, Zone and Reactor catalogues are welcomed. Please send your request to our email address and we will reply with an offer and expected time of delivery.

Delivery time ranges from one to three days, depending on the state that the products are sent to, deliveries are made via UPS.

Delivery time ranges from one to three weeks for products requested from the Unihoc, Zone and Reactor catalogues, shipped via airfreight from our manufacturer in Sweden. Rinks and large orders are shipped via boat with deliver times on a case by case basis.


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